Attracting Healthy Love – Discover the Secrets!

What results did you get:

Type 1 – Stuck

You will want to raise your energy, and get super clear about what you want and can have in your life, and surround yourself with others who are confident, loving and examples of what you want to attract to you.

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Type 2 – Resisting

You need to work on shifting your internal messages, your belief in what you can attract and deserve to attract. Between your inner talk and belief system, you are actually pushing away your ideal partner – saying stay away!

Get the keys to mastering your internal dialog and train your brain for getting what you want!

Type 3 – Mismatched

You are doing  many of the right things but you cannot make the right connection. You will want to work on identifying deeply held beliefs about finding love, and getting clear about what you really want.

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Finding a partner doesn’t have to be nightmare, or a never-ending search of digging your way through losers, bruisers, cheapskates and fakers. Take the powerful quiz above and then check out which of the solutions are best for you! Because if you are dreading the process of finding your one true love, fearing it, hating the very thought of it, you are energetically pushing away the amazingly ideal potential partners, while calling to yourself – with a bullhorn – all the bottom-dwellers who feed on fear and misery – and therefore, filling YOUR life with more of the same!  UGH!  No wonder you don’t think it is fun! Click here to ask about how I can help!

Do any of these feel true for you? 

  • I am so sick of the toxic dating-mill!  I wish there was an easier way to attract a good man!
  • I am an ugly-breakup survivor, I have lost myself and don’ t even know where to begin to rebuild.
  • I keep ending up with the same kind of partner, none of them are what I really want! How can I break the cycle?
  • I have read all the books of dating and finding love, but I am still single!  What am I missing?
  • I might as well give up and stay single, I just can’t go through all this drama anymore.

Well there IS most definitely a better way, a more effective way!

It is just a matter of knowing what you really want in a partner, getting clear about all of the details, like doing a google search for the perfect partner!  Then, finding where you are sabotaging your efforts, and putting all the pieces together in the right order and in the right measurements, finding the fun in it, and then taking the right actions at the right times to bring them into your life!

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Vicki Edge is a transformational leader, speaker, master trainer, and creator of The Attracting Healthy Love Formula that helps women struggling to find her ideal partner, and stop the madness of endless serial dating, to finally attract the heart-to-heart love connection she truly wants!