About Vicki

Vicki Edge is a transformational leader, speaker, master trainer, and creator of The Attracting Healthy Love Formula that helps women struggling to find her ideal partner, and stop the madness of endless serial dating, to finally attract the heart-to-heart love connection she truly wants!

Vicki helps countless women worldwide to achieve their goals of  love, empowerment, and joy filled lives through seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products.

Vicki knows firsthand the challenges you face in attracting your ideal partner. At her lowest point, in 2003, she was divorced, with 2 small children, caring for her elderly mother and was now the sole financial provider for this modern family.  Dating in this new world was frightening, and confusing. She found that she didn’t know what she was looking for in a partner, or even what she was looking for in herself.  It was all so overwhelming.  Buried under the responsibilities of life as a single mom and provider, she swore off dating because she was so tired of constantly attracting the wrong type of men, and she still didn’t even know what she was looking for, or what her vision of a future was.

A few months after she learned about and  starting to apply the strategies she shares in the Attracting Healthy Love Formula, Vicki attracted a wonderful man, who fit perfectly into her newly defined vision of her ideal relationship,  with whom she had an very close heart connected love. This relationship was exactly what she needed in her life, it helped her heal, grow, learn and expand. Later, as she continued to grow in new ways, her needs, expectations and dreams of the future of her ideal relationship began to change.  Because of her newfound confidence and the healthy relationship she had created,  when it became necessary for that relationship to end, they parted as friends (instead of the desperate tragedies she had experienced before.)  As she grew, she attracted THE IDEAL relationship, exactly perfect for where she was in her life.  As you can see, relationships don’t have to be forever to be perfect, heart connected and fulfilling.  They are part of your journey, they help you grow and reach the future that you desire.  These are all lessons she teaches in her powerful system Attracting Healthy Love formula.